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Disqus comments now enabled here.

DisqusThat’s right, I have taken the plunge and enabled Disqus commenting for the blog. I was originally in two minds as to whether I should go this route, I was unsure about having the comments held away from the site but soon realised that this is a minor issue when you look at the benefits Disqus can provide.

When you also consider that the majority of the conversation is now happening out in the cloud it makes a lot of sense to also have the blog comments available in places like FriendFeed to enable additional exposure. I haven’t gone as far as adding video commenting as I don’t feel that this adds sufficient value at present, especially when I am not creating video posts myself (yet?) but that is always an option for the future

Thanks to Steven’s short guide, I have made sure that the existing comments were not lost but all posts going forward will┬ábe using the new system.


May 20, 2008 Posted by | Blogging | , | 12 Comments