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A new beginning.

Welcome matWelcome to the new blog here at – the decision to set up here instead of at Randomelements has not been taken lightly. Unfortunately, however, in today’s climate the web is leaving SharePoint far behind as a blogging client and while it is possible to customise it (I’ve made a lot of special modifications myself – Han Solo) the interactivity with various services across the web just isn’t there. WordPress will give me that connectivity.

The Randomelements :: Blog will not be taken down – there is far too much good stuff to just kill it but all new material will be posted here from now on. I may cross post and set up an optional page redirection as well. For anyone using the old RSS feed fear not, this will get automatically redirected to the new blog so you should not notice any break in service and start getting the new content automatically. I will re-post some of the best recent items over here to give it a solid base to build on so I apologise if you double up on items in your RSS reader – I hope you understand.

It is always going to be difficult to rebrand and relocate at the same time but I think I have already been moving that way (changing my name on Twitter was the first step) but I felt that it was required. I found it hard to develop a personal brand around the name randomelements – random doesn’t have good connotations.

As far as the content goes it will be pretty much business as usual; I have been trying to stick to my blogging strategy and hope that this has been reflected in the quality of posts that I have been writing since the start of the year.

So, I now declare this blog officially open!


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