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Colin Walker

Hi, I’m Colin Walker and I’m a 30 something self confessed geek, blogger and Microsoft software enthusiast.

For four and a half years I had been writing the Randomelements :: Blog which focused on a range of technologies but have found myself being less enamoured by the technology itself and more interested in the effects the technology has, how we use it and how it is changing our perceptions.

Cue social media

This blog was originally intended to pick up where randomelements left off but has instead caused me to rethink where my passions lie. As a result, the core content will relate to social media and our interactions on the internet with a side order of blogging related posts thrown in for good measure.

I hope you like what you read and always welcome any feedback you may care to leave either by comments, email, Twitter or even by giving me a call (see the Contact page for more details).

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