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Bringing the conversation home.

A lot has been said about the way conversations are fragmenting across the web due to the ability to leave comments in places other than at the original source. I’ve had my say as have many other bloggers.

Attempts are being made to re-centralise comments – such as disqus, and the FriendFeed plugin for WordPress – and we now have a new offering from Rob Diana of the Regular Geek blog called YackTrack.

YackTrack is designed to poll a number of services for comments that relate to a given URL (of a blog post for example) and gather the comments into one location. At present YackTrack supports Digg, Disqus, FriendFeed, Mixx, StumbleUpon, Technorati, and WordPress blogs with plans to incorporate others.

I have built a link to YackTrack which is displayed in each post so you can easily see what is being said in all of the supported locations (click the thumbnail for full size image)

  YackTrack Link

Here is also an example of the output from YackTrack

  YackTrack example

YackTrack is gaining quite a bit of exposure which seems to surprise Rob, he mentioned by email: “I am getting a little more attention than I thought I would” but any service which aims to bring order to such a contentious area is bound to get noticed.

I look forward to seeing how this service develops but, for now, check out Rob’s post at for more information.

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  1. Colin, thanks for the article. I love the link for “follow the conversation at YackTrack”. That is a fantastic idea. I may have to steal that one, with credit of course.

    Last blog post..YackTrack, Tracking Distributed Conversations

    Comment by Rob D | April 28, 2008 | Reply

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