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Now available on mobiles.

Part of the challenge of setting up a new blog is making sure that you have all the required functionality available, especially when changing from one blogging platform to another. Fortunately WordPress, being one of the most popular platforms going, has a whole ecosystem surrounding it full of developers willing to help the community by producing great plugins.

One that I have found is the WordPress Mobile Plugin developed by Andy Moore.


This plugin automatically renders all pages in a cut down format specifically for mobile phones and even allows the viewing and submitting of comments from your phone. Posts are rendered really well and the whole interface can be driven by your D-pad or the number keys on your phone.


As well as the standard posts view you can also access your post archives as you normally would on the web version of the blog


Luckily for me the theme built in to the plugin matches my site theme quite well so I have no need to change it. If you are after a way to provide a good version of your site for mobile visitors then I can highly recommend this plugin.


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